domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

What´s up?

What´s in his head... I wonder
Ok I kinda feel for a little writing without caring about spelling xD. And it´s in english because I feel like it... PLUS I´ve been translating the entire day so it´s sort of catchy. 
You wanna know? Well I´ve been translating THE DUFF(Designated, Ugly, Fat, Friend) I thought that doing a little reading of the book would make me feel better about my situation... WHAT A MISTAKE
There´s no history like mine, but I guess I would like a little bit of this story to be mine.
A guy like Wesley the natural womanizer, turn into a nice guy for a girl that thinks the shit of her(ok in that we´re alike) but being chased?
Things like little notes, phone calls, answering TEXTS that´s not my life because no matter how hard I tried, my guy doesn´t seem to care about me. 
Seriously I´m not asking for a rose every single day but a text once in a while saying I miss you would be great. I keep telling myself that is just not OUR thing... but the truth is that is MY thing. 
I´d love he would do that for me, texting, calling, sending sings that HE´S ALIVE.
Am I asking too much? I really don´t know. I try to keep myself busy and don´t think about it, but the reality is another.
Let me unfold it to you. MY reality is that I think more that what I would like on him, I can´t eat most of the time because I HAVE A HOLE IN THE PIT OF MY STOMACH for all the nerves that I have... I´D BECOME NEEDY... This is horrible I´m starting to hate myself and I´m pretty sure that he doesn´t like me being needy either.
Is just that I would like to be apreciated a little bit, AND NEARLY DECEMBER. We start classes at FEBRUARY... 
Meaby seeing or trying to see the good side of it. We´re gonna be together the rest of the year, and we´re gonna see each other so much that we´re gonna end up being sick of each other...I HOPE in a good way. 
He´s totally my tipe isn´t he? 
I still have another 9 pages to translate... but I´m happy to do it. I might even read the whole book in english just for the fun of being reminded THAT MY LIFE WOULD NEVER BE LIKE ONE OF THOSE STORIES. No matter how hard I try to bring a little bit of romance to my love life... I have to face the fact that A´int gonna happen.
Althought I have some hope that he´ll surprise me... meaby I´m a fool. WHO KNOWS? Well I don´t. 
In other news I´ve been reading The Mortal Instruments 2: City of Ashes and let me say...
IT´S FREAKING AMAZING... OH JACE... OH SIMON... Oh Clary how much I´d wish I were you... I´d give Simon a chance... Jace is just... untouchable.
On the other hand I´ve been also using my twitter but it´s kind of dissapointed because noone is connected long enough to answer them :  (
I have to clean my room so I keep myself busy and not think of him. On the other hand I started with my writting again, poetry, stories, delusions of me. 
So basically that´s my life, reading, writting, and feeling sorry for myself... that´s lovely(that just to be clear was sarcasm)
This been quite entertaining... meaby I should do it more often.
Oh and also today, the whole day was windy and a little bit rainy... wich I LOVE... I honestly love rain... too bad I´m too fragil to even a kiss under the rain... but that doesn´t mean that I wouldn´t do it if the ocassion appears jaja

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Jaz.parks dijo...

Tere! bien, yo no estoy con el humor ni las ganas de escribir en ingles.. hace muuucho que no hablamos. Leí el post.. todo en inglés y un jaja al final =D ajjajaj :D

Te quiero!


Tere1494 dijo...

jajaja si hace mucho que no hablamos Gracias Dani... ya veremos cuando nos encontramos otra vez xD

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